In the winter, people have a tendency to forget and abandon their lawn mowing equipment until the season turns.   Everyone figures that this piece of sturdy equipment is built to last. A little cold, dust and inactivity won’t do any harm, right?

Wrong. If you don’t take proper care of your mower in the winter months you could be looking at malfunctions, expensive parts replacements or even safety risks.

Here are four very important steps for protecting your mower in the winter months, and the reasons why you should take them:

  1. Keep your mower protected from the elements and in a dry area. This is a very basic tip, yet the number of people who neglect to do this would surprise you. Both rust and moisture can affect the proper functioning of your mower.
  2. Add stabilizer to the fuel. Many people will tell you to drain the fuel altogether from your mower during the winter. But the reason you don’t want to do this is that you don’t want the seals in the carburetor to dry out, and you also want to prevent water condensation. By adding a stabilizer, you’ll prevent it from turning into varnish and you’ll also prevent damage to the carburetor. Make sure that your stabilizer is suitable for ethanol fuel.
  3. Change the oil before you store for the winter months. Very simply, you want to make sure that oil sludge doesn’t form at the bottom of the engine, and a fresh oil change will prevent this.
  4. Replace or clean the air filters and spark plugs. A dirty air filter could result in an overheated engine that won’t run as efficiently.   Corroded spark plugs require immediate replacement.

If you do need to replace any parts for your lawn mower, Mower Specialist can help you find them and advise you on installation and use. For any questions, please contact the Mower Specialist at